The cause, effect, new beginnings and new doubts

Is it midlife crisis or identity crisis that has forced me to sit down and do something about my situation in life? I don’t know and to be honest I don’t care so long as I am doing something about it. But first thing’s first. Let me give a brief introduction of myself. I am a 35 something, educated (by educated I mean intelligent as well 🙂 ), metro dwelling housewife. (Yes! I call myself a housewife and not a homemaker, for which I do get corrected by people many times. But how does it matter- house wife or homemaker- what’s in a name…..).I have a cute, obedient daughter and a not very annoying husband :). I have all the comforts of a modern life- car, house in a great neighborhood, all the electrical appliances to make house work easier and a bunch of great friends. Though I am not the partying type, I like to chat with friends. And on top of that I read a lot and write a little which keeps me intellectually stimulated.

Then why am I still feeling this sense of uneasiness in my calm life? Why am I getting this urge to prove myself to the world? After all it was my and only my decision to stay at home and take care of my daughter. And looking at her I know I have done a great job.
I always knew that I would devote all my time and energy for my family. I never wanted to go out and do a proper job and divide time and feel inadequate in both family front and job front at the end of the day. So I made a choice. I don’t regret my choice even for a fraction of a bit. My house is always spic and span. Fridge well stocked with nutritious food. My daughter is a well bred kid in every respect. I think I am not a lousy wife as well, though I have to ask my husband about that:). I have been there during every trying situation shouldering responsibilities along side him. Together we have sailed through rough weather. Then why am I still feeling like I have to do something more than all these?

Is it because as time goes by the satisfaction from doing the same old job recedes and there are no challenges anymore as I am getting in to a comfortable pace in my daily routine?

Or is it because I too am a conformist, conforming to the dos and don’ts of the modern world which dictates that financial independence is more important that emotional and intellectual independence?

So whatever may be the reason here I am starting a blog. This is my way to deal with the inadequacy of my life. I hope to be sincere enough to write regularly.

Now that the question “why blogging” is clear I will address “what” as in what does the name of the blog mean.

BOOLABOOLY in my mother tongue means “roaming around or going places”. Yes!! This is going to be a travel blog.
Though I can’t claim to have traveled extensively but I know about some “off-the-beaten-path” destinations in India, about which I am going to write about primarily. But again i must confess i have a lots of reservation regarding this endeavor. Like will I able to discipline my writing habits or will I be able to give useful and relevant information.

Well right now, I guess it will be sufficient to say, “We shall See”.


5 thoughts on “The cause, effect, new beginnings and new doubts

  1. Hello! I’m happy to say, you’re off to a good start. I enjoyed this post and found the content very relevant as it pertains to you as a person. Let’s make a deal….if you keep writing, I will keep reading! I’m glad I visited and very much look forward to more from you!

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